Martini Level 
Make friends and influence people through our highest level
of participation in the revolutionary Tavern League of Indiana. 
As a Martini Level member, you will receive free ad space
on our web site 24-7, as well as in every printed newsletter,
in addition to the most obvious benefit: a loud and clear voice
at the Indiana Statehouse and across the state. 

Mojito Level 
You own a bar, and you’re tired of politicians making decisions
for your business without hearing from YOU. Our Mojito Level
membership will provide you that inside track without making
the trek to the Capitol. Your tavern will receive free ad space
on our web site 24-7, as well as the invaluable benefits offered
to the Margarita and Mimosa Level memberships.

Margarita Level 
As a Margarita Level member, your business -- your blood, sweat
and tears -- your livelihood -- will finally have the voice it deserves
when our public officials are making decisions that impact YOU.

Mimosa Level 
This membership is a unique opportunity for both tavern employees
and patrons to be part of the collective voice of those who want
to protect Indiana’s taverns. Join the Tavern League of Indiana,
and feel confident knowing you're part of something special every
time you sit down for a beer at your local watering hole.

BONUS: A membership to the Tavern League of Indiana automatically offers you fresh, up-to-the-minute insight into Indiana politics, the players, and the policies that are directly impacting your favorite tavern. All Tavern League members will receive a complimentary subscription to “The Cheat Sheet”, a bi-weekly publication of all the political gossip, rumor and innuendo that comes across the desk of the multi-talented Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. The Cheat Sheet will be e-mailed to you every two weeks, and you also get Hot Gossip political e-mail alerts; as soon as Abdul gets it, you will too! 
Join the property rights revolution by donating to sustain our efforts to advocate for Indiana's taverns.

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